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So, because my parents want us to, and because we're getting up at six tomorrow, Lis and I are going to bed... at a decent hour.

We'll be gone until tuesday, without computer access. But, hey, we'll have vikings.

Lis's theory of the day: All mums should be on drugs.


Anyway. Love you all, enjoy my lay... out.

Ps. Keep that de-angsting going. and nika, don't have the soap opera plot without us. we would be upset. Raven, please don't hold the wedding plot without lis. she would be very upset. chris, if you sell carrie on ebay... make sure the guy who buys her pays shipping. Mark, don't pick your nose with the blanket. (Heh heh heh.)

Josh, bring out turky to keep the morale up while we're gone? And try not to miss us too much. ;þ
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