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This weekend was good, I suppose. The viking village was amazing, and I got stuck in a london accent the whole time. Bitch smurf came out to play for a morning, but she's gone now. Played lots of card games.

Coming home was less fun. We got the second Dark Jewels book at the mall, bought chocolate, and were in high spirits. Drove up and decided to check our emails before we unloaded the trailer. That's when we discovered the worm that had fixed itself into my computer. Lis got rid of it, after half an hour of trying to download the patch before the computer going "You have a worm!" No shit. So she fixed it while I cleaned out food boxes in the kitchen. Came downstairs to grab things to put away and mom comes out of the garage.

"Did you hear about Rosa?"

Rosa was the woman who took care of me while my parents worked for the first four years of my life. I've been trading letters and calls with her every few months or so forever.

"No, is she sick?"

"She died, last Thursday."

I just sorta stared at mum. I knew Rosa had a fight with cancer last year, but she was alright and recovering fine. Mom said it had something to do with her heart, then went upstairs to sleep. I went upstairs, started again with the unpacking and started crying. Have stopped and started several times since then.

I can't honestly say that I've been very close to Rosa in the past ten years or so. She doesn't speak english, and my german is more than rusty. But she still called on holidays, and i still talked to her with what i could. She shaped my childhood. She's the reason I am the way I am now, for better or worse.
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