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Bears and Butterflies

I promised Chris an update. sooooo...

We saw vikings! We went to L'anse aux Meadows and watched the vikings in their sod huts doing things vikings do, and that kind of made me homesick because of all the SCA events/practices/tavern nights I'm missing. Every time I turn around I was like, "Hey! ________ does that!" or, "Hey! That was taught in a THUA (Their Highness's University of Avacal) class!"

But it was cool. Libby got stuck in a London accent all day. Really pissed her parents off but I thought it was amusing. Camping with Mrs. Libby's mom kind of weirded me out- on the northern tip there are a lot of bundles of wood next to the road where people were logging, and she's like, "Let's steal some wood!" and Libby's dad was like, "Maybe not, that belongs to people." And she replied, "Oh come on, we'll say we thought it was for our personal consumption!"

He didn't stop and we didn't get wood. Libby's dad ties with Libby for Coolest Member of the Household.

Amusing was on Wednesday during Sol and Dami's plot, when Robert (ex) showed up right in the middle of it and tried to take us to the carnival (creepy stalker dude, isn't he?). Libby tried tot alk him out of it but I came to the door and went (all twitchy and slightly Gollum-like without the sibilant ss's) "Robert? I- can't. See, there's this plot that I've been planning since june... and... I can't. Sorry. And we have no money, and come another night." and returned to the computer. I think we're going with Jackie and Kitty and maybe Erin tonight.

Yesterday, we had to watch Libby's nine-month old cousin Kia (kye-ah) all day for NO PAY. Family sucks. This is the little girl we had to take for a walk twice, and you could not put her down. She cried if you did. She had her nap (all 20 minutes of it) on Libby's chest.

Am very tired and a little homesick. I leave at seven in the morning on Tuesday. Still don't know if my high school schedule for this year has arrived home yet. Grar.

-Lis out
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