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LisnLibby Summer 2004 Update

So, money is the root of all evil- and more specifically, the evil of keeping LisnLibby apart. Lis will be spending the summer doing physics in cyberschool and if all goes well, Libby will be working in an ice-cream-shop. They will be thousands of kilometres apart.

Not like that ever stopped either of us. Just slowed us down some.

In keeping with last year's Anti-Angst theme, this summer we want people to expand their role-play characters in new and different ways to make them more fun to deal with and to play. Character development is always great.

What's going down:
Every week until the end of August, barring natural disaster, family chaos or supreme laziness, either Lis (goldjadeocean) or Libby (silverorchid) will post a prompt for characters to reply to. To reply, people will post a comment to the prompt entry (though they may also cross-post to a character journal or sschars). This keeps up until the next week, when a new prompt is posted. You can do every single prompt, or you can pop in wherever the fancy strikes you- we don't care.

Responses can be in any form, but the emphasis here is on turning your character into a real, live human being with all kinds of facets to him or her.

This Week's Prompt (June 13-19, 2004)

Your character comes by some money and decides (or is forced) to spend it on clothes. What is the shopping trip like?

To reply in a comment to this post, use the following form:

PM Name:
Character Name:
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Dai's a strange boy. *hugs him*

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Aww, I had a vision of one of those poncy 18th century powdered wigs!
I'll have to see this.
PM Name: Julia
Character Name: Faerie
Response: I went shopping today in the marketplace. As usual, I chatted with various vendors and bought some candy. I considered buying looser clothing...but then decided against it. I've plenty of time before the babe grows and I show. So I bought a shirt to replace the one I took from Mars.

Char name: Griffith
Response: Leather pants. I bought them today because at some point I have to wear them to prove to Poppy and Nyfera that I have them, since I told them I own a pair, when I really don't. They look good.

Char name: Tawnie
Response: There's no need to wear rags anymore, when I've got the money to buy and wear something much nicer. Plus, what with opening a little stall in the marketplace to sell baked goods, I need to look presentable. I now have the proper clothes of the lower merchant class woman I am. I still can't believe I bought them. And I'm going to sell what I bake. This is It feels good.
Hah! We knew he didn't actually have leather pants. Hah again! *grins*
PM Name: Meg

Character Name: Jilie
Response: I've decided that I'm never letting Lorie near my wardrobe again. I don't need her wondering what some of Mama's clothes are for at her age. Especially the ones I bought today.

Character Name: Wulf
Response: Well at least this time I wasn't digging into my own pocket. I can't help it that the kid has no clothes... or that I'm such a wuss when it comes to her. Got Mis a nice necklace, though.

Character Name: Remmie
Response: Well that was interesting. Gretta gave me some money today and told me to "outfit myself like a proper healer." 'Course, I don't know what a proper healer is, so I got myself some new boots. They're shiny. And the heels click when I walk over hard stuff.
Anyone else think it's wierd I semi randomly surfed here while doing an interests search for Bloom County?