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LisnLibby Summer 2004

Weird Sisters
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We are Lis and Libby, the insane evil masterminds of the summer vacation! In sooth, we are goldjadeocean and silverorchid, two rampantly strange very best friends of the young and tender ages of sixteen and seventeen.

Or so it seems.

Libby, or Elizabeth Orchid, lives in a city on the western coast of Newfoundland. She has two cats (PJ and Boots), a dog (Tanner) and a little brother (Chris). She's a really big theatre buff and has been in many productions, inclusing Young Goodman Brown and The Germans. At last notice, she wanted to be a Shakespearean actress.
Lis, or Elisabeth Alberta Garrison, lives in Alberta on a sheep farm. She does have four cats (Bert, Ernie, Harley, and Floerence, two horses (Ben and Hazel), a dog (Sam) and two brothers (another Chris and a Pat). She is a member of Job's Daughters and the Society for Creative Anachronism. She hopes to be a psychologist when she grows up. We think.

This summer, LisnLibby are running a character development challenge for the Steelsings Tamora Pierce Roleplay. Every week, either Lis or Libby posts a challenge for people to answer about their Steelsings character (a character from another roleplay might just slip in, too- wink wink).

The LisnLibby experience is one of great fun, friendship, insanity, and injokes which last years. Quiver in terror! (or just shake because you're laughing so hard)


Are you suitably entertained?