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It started with the play. New play, not the Cinderella one I'm expecting. I was cast as one of the major characters, a woman in love with another woman, but in a relationship with a man. So i get to my first rehersal, haven't read the script yet, but know what character i am and so on.

Walk into the theatre. "Alright, guys, get in costume! The audience starts showing up in ten!" Naturally, I freak. Haven't read the script yet. Melissa comes over and I explain that I haven't read the script yet. She says it'll be fine, because my costume has the script on it. She hands me a black bathing suit, with a lime green panel. In the green is written my script. I freak more. "It's upside down! I can't read it on stage if it's upside down!"

"Don't worry! All the other cast members have the script on their costumes too."

So I put on the bathing suit and go out on stage. So I'm on stage, trying to see the script on the other actors costumes, but I can't find it, and I'm not in character at all because I'm so paniced. I leave the stage, and try to find someone backstage with a script on. No one is there, and I burst into tears.

Then I get hugged, from behind, and I turn and cry on the person's sholder. When I sit back up, I am not longer backstage. Instead, I'm in the food court of west edmonton mall, still in my bathing suit.

Look at the person across from me, and it's Josh. I blink at him. "What are you doing here?"

"We decided to meet here, remember?"

Am greatly confused. Look down, and I'm wearing a horrible libby-pink pant suit. It has a lime green panel, with writing on it, in front. I look up again and blink somemore. "Are you disappointed?" And then Josh walked away. And I woke up.
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