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Quotes of the Day...s

Lis- *quoting vintage lisnlibby* "Libby... pass me... the...white?" *as libby cracks up* What can i say, you make me stupid.
Libby- I have that effect on people. They feel they need to compete with me.

*typing* I and the Rammer Goddess! Bow down before me!
"You know, Lis... I could see you as being a rammer god."-LisnLibby

Wanna talk to my cow?! -Libby, imitating Lis and her cow stuffy on the airplane

Mommy was supposed to come with me. But then she fell down the stairs. I pushed her. -Lis, scare-the-person-next-to-you-on-the-plane-joke

Chris- I showed the guys at camp your picture, LisnLibby, and they all thought you were HOT. Well, they said Libby's face wasn't, but her body was, and Lis' body was but her face wasn't.
Lis- Shouldn't have said that, Chris.
Chris- Why?
Libby- Because, you see, this fork isn't attached to my hand. It could easily fly away and bury itself in your eyesocket.
Dad, walking by- Uh, Chris, maybe you should shut up before you can no longer bear children...

You know you want to give me the pillow...

I don't like dogs. Lets go extinct them.

Hey! Here's a crazy idea...

Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd Libby's too tierd to remember the rest of them.
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