Bears and Butterflies (goldjadeocean) wrote in lisnlibby,
Bears and Butterflies

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Shadow of the Past

The innuendo lives on...

(Libby, Libby's mom, and Libby's mom's friend Dana are sitting at a table in a restaurant, talking. The discussion is currently between Libby's mom and Dana, on how men are scum)

Libby's Mom: Let's teach Libby our man-hating ways, Dana.

Libby: I dunno, mom, you might turn me into a lesbian.

Libby's mom: Don't be silly, Libby, you'll never be a lesbian.

Libby: You say that until the day you find out Lis is my lover.

(Liby's mom assumes a frightened, deer-in-headlights look. the conversation rapidly switches topics)
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