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'Cause of you
I forgot the smart ways to lie
Because of you
I'm running out of reasons to cry
When the friends are gone
When the party's over
We will still belong to each other.

So, sitting in bed today, thought "When was the last time I wrote a livejournal entry that... said something?" So, this is my life of the past week or so.

-blew up my blender.

-set my toaster on fre. am sensing a pattern.

-think i may have done something to kettle. cannot remember what. am very bad in the kitchen.

-went grocery shopping. bought... whole bunch of crap. and peaches.

yes. yesterday was thinking, "Wow... I haven't cried at all since Lis got here. That's like three and a half weeks of not crying. Not even at television shows. Wow."

then i got an email from Mark, Kitty's boyfriend, saying that Kitty missed me and that we should go out for ice cream or something. And then i looked through a random stack of pictures, found some of me 'n kitty, some of jenny, one of me and devon.

so got up today and called kitty and jackie, and we planned ice cream at four thirty. so, quarter to five lis and i walk in, and at five, kitty, jackie and a couple of the guys came in. sat around, shared a sundae with lis, then decided to go to Pizza Delight. As I was unable to let go of Kitty, having reilized just how much I missed her, they all came with us.

So we had pizza, then had them drop us off at home so we could put away groceries. found groceries were already put away. they called, and kitty and jackie came over for a few hours while mark and shane went to a bon fire. Had conversations about weather circumcized is better, and what modern chrisitans are doing that's wrong, and what they're doing that's right. talked about rp characters a bit, a bit about robert getting hit by the car. made fun of devon's dick a lot.

then mark came to pick them up, and kitty and i clung to eachother and eventually mark had to use subtle hints like "Seriously, guys, let go of eachother and let's leave" before they went.

then talked to josh, love him desperately, and burst into tears. so much for my month-long run. still, feel much better about... lots of things, now, then i did this morning.

And this is my entry.

P.S. despite Lis's ideas, breast size will not increase with exercise. yes, dear, it may help you with a sword. always suspected you of being slightly butch.
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